Grab Bag #8

​Feeling empty? Let down? Something missing in your life? Well get ready to slam your wallet down and buy yourself another dose of Grab Bag.


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  • VS

    Episode 133: Gavin vs Ryan

    2 hours ago

    Gavin jets into the past when he challenges Ryan to an action packed game of Jetpac! I used the words "jets" and "packed" in that last sentence. Get it? Jetpac? You got it.

  • Let's Play

    Fortified Part 1

    3 hours ago

    Time to fortify. Why do I say that? Because it's time to play Fortified! Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, and Michael team up to save the Earth from invading Martian robots. How can they possibly win? Rocket troopers, my friends. Many, many, rocket troopers!

  • Achievement Hunter

    Grab Bag #8

    18 hours ago

    Feeling empty? Let down? Something missing in your life? Well get ready to slam your wallet down and buy yourself another dose of Grab Bag. You know there's Achievement Hunter content missing from your life. Let's Plays less played. Well now you can fix all that with Grab Bag #8. Grab Bag #8 fills in all the empty nooks in your heart, as long as your heart is made up of equal parts Grand Theft Auto, Shenaniversus, and London's very own LeBron James! Thanks to Grab Bag #8, now you too can live a meaningful, fulfilling life full of all the things you once felt missing.

    Warning: May cause drowsiness, dizziness, spastic spasms, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, painful flaming eyebrows, sudden pregnancy, longingness for more Achievement Hunter content, confusion, delusion, ability to fusion, loss of mobility, motorcycles, ability to communicate with ants, gradual pregnancy, and desire to be cradled in Jack Pattillo's loving arms.

  • Let's Play

    Let's Watch - Pocket Play

    1 day ago

    Grab your portal gun, Morty Manipulator chips, and a flask full of scotch whiskey as Michael, Jack, and Jeremy traverse the multiverse of Rick & Morty!

  • AHWU

    Lazer Team Screening Intros For AHWU 303

    1 day ago

    Damn! You guys sure sent in a ton of intros for AHWU 303. Just like 302, we had to take them all and put them in a special video.

  • AHWU

    All Wrapped Up - AHWU for February 8th, 2016 (#303)

    1 day ago

    Bubble bubble - that wrap is trouble

    When in Gav's hand, leave on the double

    Or else you'll end up clinged to Jack

    And preferrably, you'd rather hack

    off your own leg than stay right there

    As you and Jack become a pair

    Skin cells growing, quick combining

    But maybe there's a silver lining

    Do you know any twins - conjoined

    Who have been smart and jointly coined

    A co-op vibe to rake in views

    And end up on the nightly news?

    So maybe it would not be bad

    If that were now the life you had

    Wrap me now! Let two be one

    As Jack and I have co-op fun

    Vid of the Week

    Community vid #1 and vid #2

    Watch MORE Lazer Team AHWU intros here!

  • Five Facts

    Team Fortress 2

    2 days ago

    Jack and Ryan take a look at Team Fortress 2 in this week’s Five Facts! Want more facts in games with Red Teams and Blue Teams? Say no more:

  • Let's Play

    DOOM CoOp: Part 1

    2 days ago

    A team of space marines known as Team Jumbo Shrimp, made up of Jack and Jeremy, are flown to the moon of Mars, Phobos. There, they have to fight the forces of Hell that have burst through to try and get their signatures. But Jumbo Shrimp aint got time to sign all of those Imp t-shirts. Do you know how many sleeve holes they have for those spikes? It's stupid! Anyways... DOOM with Jack and Jeremy!

  • Things to do in

    Just Cause 3 - Car Tornado

    3 days ago

    What happens when a tornado hits a herd of cars and goes rampaging through the city? I have no idea but watching this is probably the closest we can get to being prepped.

  • Let's Play

    GTA V - Beast VS Slasher

    3 days ago

    The gang gets beastly while checking out the new GTA 5 online gameplay mode, Beast VS Slasher! Seriously, like Ryan started frothing at the mouth, Michael took his shirt off, and then Jack got involved. Things got hairy. Then they played the game.