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  • GO!

    GO! #90

    2 weeks ago

    It’s summer, and you know what that means! Swimmies! First to go for a refreshing swim wins a sticker. Go!

  • Let's Play

    Let's Play - TowerFall Ascension Part 3

    2 weeks ago

    Geoff VS Jack VS Ryan VS Gavin. Who is the best at Towerfall? Bramble arrows are running rampant and only the most skilled players can catch them and use them to their full potential.

  • AHWU

    AHWU #273

    2 weeks ago

    The boys survived one week on the new channel and have racked up over 500,000 subscribers! Just another 500k more to get the 24 hour live stream. Follow along this week as Geoff shows off his new hat and Jack gets excited about Trials Fusion DLC.

    Vid of week: Community vid of week:

  • Adam Director of Technology

    Changelog 7.13.2015

    2 weeks ago

    Slow week this week; had a massive amount of API work that came up for our app development teams. Gearing up for release. New site has somewhat hit a "tipping point" where we need to launch simply because the old site is unsustainable and the new site works better, even if it is missing some functionality / has some bugs -- It still works better than the current site. Doing an audit today, expect an announcement shortly.



    • Feature: Lots of API endpoint additions for future app support. (Apple Pay, Search, URLs, Stripe, Model Mapping, User Updating, Password Resetting)
    • Feature: RT Video Platform CMS.
    • Feature: First round of Group Admin Tools.
    • Improvement: Added LazerTeam SDCC teaser (only to be removed today)
    • Improvement: Community Pages got styled.
    • Improvement: Improved sponsor gating message.
    • Improvement: Forum posts/responces are no longer displayed in the "activity feed" of a user profile.
    • Improvement: Episodes on a show's homepage is now descending instead of ascending.
    • Improvement: Sponsor-Only placeholder got some styling love.
    • Improvement: Sponsorship Branding pass.
    • Improvement: Graphics for interests, achievements, link dumps, and image albums updated.
    • Improvement: Unofficial Groups are now "Community" Groups.
    • Improvement: Users can now set "Allow Friend Requests" to off, if they dont like users
    • Bugfix: Subscription page broken due to deleted subscription child.
    • Bugfix: Homepage "Up Next" links are now fixed.
    • Bugfix: Hiding personal comments now actually hides personal comments.
    • Bugfix: Image comments got migrated.
    • Bugfix: Image albums got migrated.
    • Bugfix: Favoriate Videos got migrated.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a syling bug related to reply buttons.
    • Bugfix: Non-16:9 images on homepage are now centered.
    • Bugfix: On medium resolutions sidebar now has somewhat responsive display.
    • Bugfix: Cached serveral queries.
    • Bugfix: Image uploader previously allowed any image to be uploaded.
    • Bugfix: Search results were not being properly mapped in API.
    • Bugfix: squashed 5 bugs causing feeditems to be populated for private groups & forums. Your private stuff is once again private.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a plethora of data issues that broke things like feed items and notifications.
    • Bugfix: Added display support for non-descript genders.
    • Bugfix: Unordered lists now work in group posts.
  • Achievement HUNT

    Beach Buggy HUNT

    2 weeks ago

    Michael and Ryan return to everyone's favorite multiplayer screen racer Beach Buggy to see who will be the first to grab the Challenger achievement.

  • Let's Play

    Let's Play - GTA V - Chopper vs. Chopper X

    2 weeks ago

    AH tries out a new version of Chopper Vs Chopper! But can they overcome their short attention spans and inability to read long enough to properly play it?

  • Achievement Hunter

    Gang Beasts Gameplay

    2 weeks ago

    The Team that Streams, Jeremy, Matt, and Trevor, see who ends up the least deceased, and now you can feast your eyes on ths treat because they've released their video of Gang Beasts. Post any ideas for future episodes in the comments below, or tweet them to #TheStreamTeam. To watch the streams live, tune in to every Tuesday at 5 PM CT.

  • Let's Play

    Let's Play - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    2 weeks ago

    Barbara, Brandon, Burnie, and Gus try to survive the horror of Exo Zombies. Do they live? Of course not. Is it funny? Hopefully.

  • How To

    How To: Agario

    3 weeks ago

    Joel, Adam, Matt, and Jaramy eat cells and chase cells and eat cells that they chase and get eaten by cells that are chasing them to become bigger cells and split them into smaller cells that they can chase and eat. Cells...

  • MegaCraft

    MegaCraft - Embarrassing Pictures of Achievement Hunter

    3 weeks ago

    Matt, Geoff, Jack, and Ryan check out some faithful recreations of some of their more embarrassing moments. If you want to download this map to get inspiration for your own masterpiece click here: If you want us to check out your map attempt to embarrass us, head to the group and submit your map here: