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2014 goals and aspirations: a review!This was the journal of my Goals and Aspirations for 2014!
Four out of seven isn't a bad effort!

1. Pass my probationary licence test and become a solo driver.
Completed this in October. I failed the test once and almost gave up... but I was convinced to give it another go. My second attempt was great! Thus, I am now a solo driver!
3. Be more social. (I call this the "show more people that I am actually a person who can talk and get over my social anxiety" goal)
After getting my licence, I was able to socialise a lot more with my theatre friends and reconnect with some old friends from high school. I also made some new friends through Roo Teeth and the few cons I went to.
Before getting my licence, I was still social with my theatre friends... which I neglected last year.
4. Audition/ take part in as many plays as possible.
I auditioned for four shows over the course of the year... and took part in two!

Jesus Christ Superstar

5. Volunteer for PAX Australia (Be an [E] for the second year in a row) as well as Armageddon and at least one Supanova.
This goal wasn't fully completed as I didn't get to a Supanova, but I am counting it!
I volunteered for Armageddon again and had a blast.
I had an even better time at PAX Aus as a second year [E]! I changed my area from coat check to Expo Hall and had the most incredible time doing so!

I didn't get a job (not for lack of looking) nor did I get muscles and learn an instrument... but I don't mind really.
Many bad things happened to me this year, but I feel that just as many good things happened as well!
Thank you all for putting up with me this year! I appreciate it more than words can describe!
I shall raise a glass to the year I have had and look forward to what the next year will bring!
I intend to enjoy 2015 to the fullest and I hope that you guys can join me for the ride!
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