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24 year-old male from Lafayette, MS
Greetings! I'm Adam. I used to accept random requests. Not anymore. Interest me and I'll add you.
I have strong opinions. I'm a writer. I love movies. I love music. I'm a huge gamer, I have been for years. If you wanna learn more just ask. I'm always up for making new friends and won't ignore anyone that isn't a total fucktard.
Have a wonderful day.

^ All hail Grohl
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SighThe internet as a whole is pretty awful, huh?

I'm sure everyone's heard about what has cringingly been dubbed as "The Fappening." Some husk of skin hacked into god knows what and has decided to dump hundreds upon hundreds of private photos of young female celebrities.

I understand how stuff like this is exciting. Who doesn't like stumbling across something you weren't supposed to see? But, man, it just makes me feel icky. I've seen people all over twitter praising whoever did this like they're some goddamn saint. It's fucked up. Those were private photos not meant to be seen by anyone except the people they were intended for. But people can justify gobbling these pictures up because....."Well I wanted to see them." What people do with their bodies and their cameras and their phones is no one's business but their own. And that stuff being spread around the internet for any horny teenager to see isn't cool.

What's even worse than that is all of the victim blaming that I've seen going on. "Well if they didn't want those pictures shown they shouldn't have taken them." Fuck off. That's a few steps away from "Well what else did she expect to happen going out dressed like that?" (No, I'm not trying to trivialize sexual assault, and I understand these two sentiments, while similar, have varying degrees of intensity.) If people wanna do that shit they should be able to without fear of some horny dipshit on 4chan drooling all over them cause "We are teh legion lulz." Ugh.

Let's all just try and remember:

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