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24 year-old female from Orange Park, FL
I'm a student at Florida State University studying a double major in Studio Art and Philosophy with a minor in Art History.

I'm also a nerd.
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Tell me true...Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas break?!

Mine was full of art-making and family. I got a lot of pieces worked on and I got to see every member of my family all at once, including meeting my 4 week old niece. Her name is Laurel Mae and she's such a peach. Her older sister, Amelia, is turning 3 on the ninth and we're having a party at Chuck E Cheese (which I am more excited about than a 21 year old should be...) :)

We went to the zoo and has a blast! Here Amelia and I are showing off our shades :)

How about you all? Anybody do anything crazy?
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