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I sip my kool-aid =D
I don't know what Kool-aid has to do with anything its a song lyric from Kids XD
love that song <33
Anyway hope ppl are goods :) I'll try to be on more and talk to ppls.
(8< So I've graduated & it feels BoSs<33 even tho I will slightly miss school I'm enjoying not having it X)
&& OMFG to many games XD omg!!!
I think theres over 5 or so I want sht..XD Watched E3 and I must say I can't wait for the new games tis gonna be crazy :D

Also I may be getting the new Itouch Dx freaking need it my Nano is trippin ;___;
I've wanted one for a long time xwo Tho to much is going on lol I have a trip in 2 weeks or so to Vegas. After I wanna save up for other crap XD;

So nice just sitting around xD but yeah I'm trying to learn new things bout the Adobe family >xO
freaking epic haha. I REALLY wanna learn Italian & some other languages. Mmmhm, what else...Oh
Ugh I'm falling back into my anime obsessed ways xD a little. It all started becuz of Sekirei XD damn it, watched it during one of my breaks idr if it was Winter or Spring break owo; & NOW I'm like crazed about Tiger & Bunny<33 I 1st saw them when I went to doubleleaf's DA [I like to check out her stuff from time to time, her Assassin's Creed art is baller XD LOVE IT ALL!!!] she also got me into PSG cuz of the drawing she did of it XD so epic how i like things O3O
LOLOLOL ZMFG..during Winter break I saw her DA & saw her Yogurt collection!! almost lost my fwcking mind XDD

h o t t i e s ;3


I'm going to do edits again ._. not much to say

-Anything Anime
-Original Art [If you have art you want done]
-Ummm watever other crap there is

Only ask if ur gonna use it-don't waste my freaking time, thanks!

Well Ima go hide in the Batcave & play some Xbox xD

arrivederci =3
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