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Phoenix SevenI honestly don't know where else to put this, since none of the forum categories really match something like this.

This is a Halo Reach Screenshot comic that I'm working on getting started. I've been in the process of working on it for close to a year now, and I think I've finally got the story completely worked out. I've been able to make the prologue and the first chapter a few months back, but I've seriously lacked the manpower and time to do much more. I'm determined to finish it, so I keep telling myself I'll find time one day.

I guess also another part of the reason why I haven't gotten much further than I have is because I know how finicky some people are about people messing with canon. I practically started the comic off by killing the Chief to set up exposition to let readers know that this is a far different thing from your standard fare.

Pretty much all the info that you need is on that website, I'd love to have some support from the multiple communities I'm a part of for this project, and if you're interested in helping out, you can always send me a message or something. I enjoy setting the films up for these almost as much as I do taking the screenshots and setting the comic up itself. Major shenanigans always ensue when I do this kind of thing.
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