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27 year-old male from Santa Ana, CA
I'm an intern for a production company which releases "We're Alive". It's like an old school radio drama...about a zombie apocalypse! Check it out on itunes or at www.zombiepodcast.com Or you can join the facebook group or follow us on twitter!

I Love music, all music, maybe that's why I'm a music major O.o I'm always looking to expand my personal orchestra which currently includes; Acoustic 6 string, Acoustic 12 string, electric 6 string, baritone ukelele, violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, Roland S-50 keyboard, and an SK-1. Got a musical instrument you don't want/play anymore? Send me a message and I might buy it from y
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E3 Capcom PartyAs we're all aware, E3 is in full swing. And as we all know, gamers and game developers like to drink...and party. So last night I attended Capcom's after party in L.A. and had a blast! Met some people from Sweden, Australia, California....oh, and got free booze, food and demo'd Dead Rising 2. As if all of that weren't enough there was a whole casino theme outside where we got to gamble with play money handed to us at the beginning of the night. I won enough play money to enter the money pit for a chance to win real monies!...I got $15 So, I'd like to thank Campcon for the free alcohol, food, entertainment *provided by The Sounds* and money =D
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Name Grayson
Occupation Naturalist at an Outdoor education center
Birthday May 24th, 1988
Interests Languages Music Outdoors Indoors Sounds Betweendoors and fresh squirrelsicles. nihongo wo hanshimasu ...the kanji doesn't format for some reason parlo Italiano y hablo Español. I think I'll try French or German next....oui oui.
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