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Air Siren's Noise: Clannad: The MovieLook, I'm not gonna beat around the bush or lighten things up for this review. So warning: This will not be like any of my other reviews. In fact, It is more of a rant of me beating this movie with a stick, but here I go any way. I have watched Clannad and the After Story fully already and enjoyed both of them greatly. So I decided to watch the movie when I found out it had one, and I'll be honest. It was not good. First off the thing all three of these anime have in common aside from being based of the same visual novel, is that they are filled with cliches.
Now cliches arn't always a bad thing, like Clannad and After Story showed. They can be enjoyable and heart warming even if they are predictable. However, the movie fails to do so as it makes the cliches childish and too dumbed down. You don't feel the epic love story between Tomoya and Nagisa, nor does Sunohara even make you laugh as the lovable butt monkey. The cliches went from good to bad in this small movie.
Speaking of Tomoya, Nagisa, and Sunohara, I hate how the movie butchered them! They completely destroyed the comedy side of Tomoya and Sunohara and I don't even recognize Nagisa's personality. She seemed to outgoing to me and I felt like I had just stepped into the twilight zone. Tomoyo and Kyoh were reduced to minor roles, and Kotomi was given only about 3 nonspeaking cameos conducting a choir singing 'Hallelujah.' No, I'm not joking. Hell, Ryoh, Botan, Fuko and Yukine didn't even appear to the best of my knowledge.
The movie was basically the nutshell of the two main seasons. The problem is, it was only the nutshell with out the delicious nut on the inside. You see the movie had the characters and the general plot, but it didn't have the soul that was put into making the series. All the emotions of love were dull and felt strained as if they were forced. The ending was too simple and had little closure. The humor that had first drawn me to the show seemed to be all but nonexistent in this movie. I was unable to connect with any of the characters, including Tomoya, who I had felt a strong sense of understanding with in the original series. The character interaction really disappointed me.
Now I understand that it's a movie, and that they needed to cut it down for the sake of time limitations and budgeting costs. I also understand that some strong Clannad fans will argue that since it's part of the series they love so much, I should give it a break. Well in response to these arguments, I ask this: If the cost of budgeting and time restraints so bad that they tear out the soul of anime, should it really be made? And just because it's part of the Clannad series does not mean I should go easy on it. I have played the Visual Novel, and watched both animes, as well as this movie. I gave each of them a chance to impress me, and while the first three prevailed, I was just to disappointed in the movie.
Just because it is a movie based of an anime which was based of a Visual Novel, does not mean I should give it a break, even if the stuff it was based off of was pretty good. In all the Movie disappointed me completely. The creators of this took Clannad's Shining Light and just crushed it in there hands, throwing the carcass to the Hollywood dogs. I give this movie a 1/10
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