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Hav my own RvB group on Reach of people who luv RvB and the people in the group portray there person accurately oh and I'm tucker bow chicks bow wow!
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need voice actors:

Lila: In love with Sheen but he doesn’t know it. Takes his side all the time but loves to get into fights with everyone. Is the sneakiest person around and stalks Sheen.
Nick- Kinda gay, like Donut from RvB. Really feminine. The driver of the group knows a lot about flowers and how to take apart and rebuild stuff.
Mole King: Leader of a out of date Spartan Branch, this asshole loves to scream at everyone and killing assassins.
469 Guilty Spark/Draco McCoy: Formerly Jake’s first student Draco was killed and his essence was put into a monitor so he could seek revenge on Jake.
AI Shiva: Alpha, full AI. Originally James Sherwood’s AI, recovered from a crash site the body was never found. She can enter someone’s brain to render them unconscious for thirty minutes.
Fragment Bravo codenamed Tobi: Tobi is Shiva's mathematical side. He helps keep Sheen and his robotic armors in check.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Rhea:Rhea is Shiva's strength side. She may be a women but can fight like a true Russian.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Ritsu: Ritsu is Shiva's precision and more serious side. He my not like Josh at first but they get along.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Sparky: Sparky is Shiva's faster side. He bounces around ideas and can't stop thinking, talking, or fighting.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Titan: Titan is Shiva's vehicle oriented side. He can help Nick Drive any vehicle he gets into.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Hyrule:Hyrule is the creepy side of Shiva. He can followed Lila follow anyone anywhere.
Fragment Charlie codenamed Umbra: Umbra is strange.

Blue vs. Red:
Alvan/Romeo: An assassin that can disguise himself as anyone and kill whoever he needs. He has been known to the Reds and Blues as Alvan the robot.
Barbra: A red who specializes in kicking ass with a rocket launcher and a DMR. She will kick your ass six ways to Sunday.

ODST Secrets:
Bulldozer(Dozer): Explosives expert for Mason’s ODST Group. Third in command, and is ready to rip some Covey heads off.
Tyler: The lazy-ass driver for Mason’s ODST Group. Last in command under the rookie.
Andrea: Mason’s girlfriend and the technical specialist for his ODST Group. Fourth in command.
Sunny: The female version of a Badass Close quarters Fighter. The CQC expert for Mason’s ODST Group.
Commander: Leader of the ODST’s kind of a Dick.
War Machine: Heavy ODST, the best of the army, Scottish accent.
Mark: Sniper ODST, The best of the army, and is kind of a wimp.
Max: ODST 1st Lieutenant under the Commander questions his orders.
Troy: ODST Major under the Commander, is a pushover and kiss ass.
Omicron: Mason’s Base AI, no sense of humor.
Adrian: AI for the ODST Oni Base. almost human.
A few Characters:
Adam Lee:
Nickname- A-Dog
Armor- Security CBRN/CNM, Commando Security, HP/Parafoil, Assault/Breacher,
Tactical/Soft Case, Blue/Gold, Grenadier.
Color- Gold/Steal
Weapons- Assault Rifle & Shotgun

Roy Pena:
Nickname- Loco
Armor- GUNGNIR HU/RS, Grenadier & CQC, Collar/Grenadier [UA], Assault/Breacher,
Tactical/Soft Case, Black, Grenadier.
Color- Purple/Steal
Weapons- Rocket Launcher/Spartan Laser

Daniel Jenkins:
Nickname- Striker
Armor- Scout HU/RS, Sniper & Recon, Tactical/Patrol, Tactical/UGPS, Tactical/Trauma
Kit, Gold, FJ/Para.
Color- Sage/Steel
Weapons- Sniper Rifle/DMR

Jenny Byron:
Nickname- Einstein
Armor- MJOLNIR Mark VI FC-1 [2], CQC Jump Jet, Tactical/Recon, Tactical/Tacpad,
UA/NxRA, Silver, FJ/Para.
Color- Red/Steel
Weapons- Grenade Launcher/Pistol

Hank Nelson:
Nickname- Flash
Armor- EVA CNM, JFO & Grenadier, Assault Commando, Tactical/UGPS, Tactical/Hard
Case, Gold, GUNGNIR.
Color- Orange/Steel
Weapons- DMR/Magnum

(Teacher) Missy Landis:
Nickname- Ms. Landis
Armor- MJOLNIR Mark V, Default, Default, Default, Default, Blue, Default.
Color- Pink/White
Weapons- Assault Rifle/Pistol

(Teacher) Jamie Thompson
Nickname- Mr. Thompson
Armor- Hazop, Default, Default, Default, Default, Silver, Default.
Colors- Aqua/Steel
Weapons- DMR/Magnum

Jenkins Roberts
Nickname- Eagle
Armor- Known
Color- Orange
Weapons- DMR/Grande Launcher

The Bad:
(Elite) Va-Stain
Type- Officer
Color- Steel/Maroon
Weapons- Repeater/Energy Sword

(Elite) Straheek
Type- Ultra
Color- Pink/Steel
Weapons- Needle Rifle/Energy Sword

(Teacher) Sam Dracius
Nickname- Mr. Dracius
Armor- Pilot HUL[3], Defualt, Default, Default, Default, Gold, Default.
Color- Steel/Maroon
Weapons- DMR/Shotgun

Minor Good:
Nickname- T-Bone
Armor- CQC UA/HUL, CQC both, Assault/Sapper, Tactical/Tacpad, Tactical/Hard Case,
Default, FJ/Para.
Colors- Blue
Weapons- Assault Rifle/Pistol

Nickname- Smitty
Armor- ODST all
Color- Steel/White
Weapons- Assault Rifle/Pistol

Nickname- Mr. Tyler
Armor- Air Assault Default Rest.
Color- Yellow/Steel

Minor Bad:
(Elite) Sontracua
Type- Zealot
Colors- Maroon/Steel
Weapons- Plasma Rifle/Energy Sword

(Elite) Gutmey
Type- Zealot
Colors- Maroon/Steel
Weapons- Plasma Rifle/Energy Sword
Anthony (Spartan Flyer):

Duke(Spartan Heavy):

Casey(female Spartan CQC):

Maximus (Elite Major):

Draco(Elite Ranger):

Lusilous(Elite Field Marshall):

Mist(Elite Deep voiced):




Hitu 'Lkjulee(Elite King):

The Master(Spartan Leader):

Guilty Spark (also 469)
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