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40 year-old male from Barboursville, WV
Just this guy who likes to have fun. Play some games and enjoy a good laugh.
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Star Wars episode 1 a rantSo today I got the opportunity to see Star wars episode 1 in 3D. I truly love the Star Wars saga. I watched and kept wishing for the death of Jar Jar. I cannot fully explain how much I detest everything about the Jar Jar character.

Jar Jar is the Hitler of my Star Wars universe. Hitler survived several assassination attempts by pure dumb luck and circumstance and all through episode 1 Jar Jar avoids death and dismemberment through out with the same dumb luck...damn you fate for keeping these beings alive to fowl up any universe artificial or real.

A couple of issues I have always had with the first episode...

Jar I really need to explain my dislike any further.

How does a child get ele...
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Music almost everything it all depends on my mood...Punk Blues classic rock (back when music was music and not just a one line hook) classical...but when I'm in a good mood give me some Ska punk Skankin Pickle Reel Big Fish Mighty Mighty Bosstones (before they sold out) and I'm a happy camper.
TV Shows Big Bang Theory Modern Family...for the most part I really don�39;t get to see these on a regular basis...Sucks that I can't get Netflix in Portugal.
Books The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Starship troopers (awsome book shitty fucking movie) Treasure Island. To list a few.