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30 year-old male from Canada
AH Admin. Gaming since the Commodore 64!

I can mostly be found in the Community Hunters Group

I accept all RFRs here, but not on Xbox

YouTube: BioHRay
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My SetupThis will be a cross post from this thread. But I figured some of you might be interested as well...

My setup has been evolving over the years and as such has expanded to take up a fair bit of room. It's built to provide an all-in-one experience. Home theater/entertainment system as well as gaming, editing, and streaming suite. This is all set up on one wall in my basement so the lighting for pictures isn't the best.

At the core we have my surround sound receiver with 7.1. Games I'm currently playing normally end up here too. The rest get tucked in a drawer until needed. 2 360s, an Xbox and an N64 are currently set up on top of my front tower speakers.

My console gaming is done on a 50" with a set of Tritton AX Pro and recorded with the old standard, the Happauge HD PVR

My desk is next in line with an amazing amount of wires tying these three stations together. For post commentary and general voice recording needs I use a Blue Snowball c/w pop-filter. For my listening and PC gaming needs I have a Sharkoon headset (new addition to setup as of yesterday).

The desk itself is a nice size, after making a few modifications as my setup evolved. and I run a 2 monitor setup with a 22" primary and 19" slave. Add a Dragon War gaming mouse and some basic speakers for when I'm not running the sound to my TV setup or headphones and that will bring us to the heart of the operation

My custom built tower. I7 3770K, 16Gig ram, and 2.5 TB of storage over 3 HDDs to separate out the drive workload for different situations and maximizing frame rates and minimizing frame drop for both recording and rendering

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