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Title (optional) Guess this is my 2014 wrap up journal of sorts. The fact that it's late is actually quite fitting as time constraints have been the bane of my existence. Anyway...

The kids are growing up fast (as cliche as that is) and a byproduct of that is they do more things and go more places. This is great! It takes much more of my time, but spending it with them is always worth it. Watching them grow, learn, and overall become more independent... And most importantly, we are almost done with changing diapers. I don't think I'll ever have full use of my nose again.

At the end of 2013 I finally got approval to work from home. This may seem like the best thing ever, and it kinda is. However this wasn't just for convenience or extra video game/goofing off time. I work for a small business and the owner was getting ready to retire. I was to take over running the company when he did. Did I mention that the company was run out of his house. See where this is going? Fast forward to mid 2014, the owner retired and I took over. Everything was all set up here by this point and things have been going well. The hours can be quite long some days but I do almost nothing on other days, so it's balanced. I'm happy with it, even if I am tired more often. It's mostly stress free work.

Everything Else
With what time I do have left most of it is spent on them video games things. With the new generation of consoles I've gone back to mostly playing PC. This is something that I tend to do every generation. I can never justify the price for new hardware when there are so few games to play, and the fact that everything that is getting released is broken doesn't help. But that is an argument for another day. I keep saying I'm going to start making more videos again, but that always seems to fall back on the shelf due to other tasks that demand my attention. Although, I have committed to one right now... You'll see it in about 3 weeks :) Most of my video type effort/time has been in streaming, this is because it's easier and takes allot lets time with more interaction with the viewers. The rest of my existence can be summed up with eating, sleeping, bodily functions.

The only thing I don't like about everything is that I don't get to talk to my friends much anymore.
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