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BioHRay Forum Mod
31 year-old male from Canada
AH Admin. Gaming since the Commodore 64!

I can mostly be found in the Community Hunters Group

I accept all RFRs here, but not on Xbox

YouTube: BioHRay
See my Twitter for the occasional open lobby
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BioHRay Forum Mod
Haven't done one of these since the 90s...So thanks for that @Tudor

Username: Ray
Age: 30
From: Ontario Canada
Sponsor: Forum Mod, AH Admin
Date Joined: Feb. 17 2009
Last Signed in: Yesterday

Rooster Teeth Content:
First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB Reconstruction Series
Last Podcast you watched: Not really my thing
Favourite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Geoff
Did you watch a RT video today: Not yet
-If yes Which one: N/A
-If no why: Writing this first thing after turning on my computer
Favorite RT Series: Immersion Season 1
Favorite RT Video: The Button

RT Site:
Current Number Of Notifications: 3
Name of first Journal: In a nut shell
Name of your latest Journal: Daddy's Little Helper
Last Photo you uploaded: My youngest Son trying to help me change my oil. Goes with above Journal
Last Thread you commented on: [redacted] - Mod stuff
First group in your group list: Community Hunters
Last Private message sent to: Answering random questions

Achievement Hunter:
Gamer Score: 81535
Team Lads or Team Gents: Team Gents
Favourite Achievement Hunter: Ryan
Minecraft Skin: Herobrine
Favourite AH show: MegaCraft

The Community:
Favourite Group: Community Hunters
Have you gone to a community event: RvBTO
Have you gone to RTX: Yes, 2013
Favourite Fellow Community member: All the Community Hunters
Tag 5 people to do this: @Hightower @The_Hybrid @WesBvidiotLP @KistyNocturn @JasonMB
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