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Email to Slow Mo GuysI get a lot of emails every day to my Slow Mo Guys email account. I don't respond to many of them because they don't really require a response. But sometimes people ask genuine questions that don't take much time to answer so I do it. Here is a lovely email conversation I had over the last few days with a lovely fellow called Neil.

Neil Godfrey: Where are you guys based? I'm guessing the south of uk somewhere. Neil

Gavin Free: Austin, Texas

Neil Godfrey: That was going to be my second guess.

Neil Godfrey: Seriously tho where do you film? I'm in portsmouth and would like to watch you in action

Gavin Free: No, seriously. I live in Austin Texas and we film here.

Neil Godfr...
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Trials Fusion Challenge Help!Folks,

As you may know, Trials Fusion (aka the best game ever) just released today. I've had it for a little while now, but I need your help with some of the challenges in the game. We're going to be putting together challenge videos for pretty much every single level and now, all we have to do is find some of the secrets.

So, If you want to help me find the challenges so I can put together these videos, that would be fantastic.

This is the best community ever and I know we can work together to find this hidden stuff. Keep in mind, some things are pretty self explanatory, so you don't need to point that out, but if you do have tips on how to accomplish some things (like best w...
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Rooster Teeth and Operation Supply DropWe're happy to announce that Rooter Teeth will be working with Operation Supply Drop this year on their 8-Bit Salute. We'll be streaming 24 hours from our brand new office and helping to support the troops!

We'd love for you to join in, either by watching the chaos of the stream, participating on your own stream, or donating to our team!

We'll have a ton of details coming soon, but for now, go check out our page over on Operation Supply Drop and get signed up!! Thanks!!
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Like a fine wine...I've been playing a ton of Simcity lately. I know it got off to a rough start last year, but after extensive patching, the game is up and running smoothly now. If you are a fan of world-building, I recommend you check it out.

If you want to see the kind of stuff you can pull off in the game, I think you should check out Strictoaster's series' on YouTube. I don't watch a lot of YouTube Let's Plays aside from the stuff we produce here, but I've been hooked on his work. It is fun to watch someone agonize over simple stuff like I do as well. That being said, I'll never be as good as him when it comes to design, he's incredible.

It's funny how some...
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Week NineWeek Nine

9) Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
8) The Yellow Wallpaper - Charlotte Perkins Gilman
7) One More Thing - B.J. Novak (easily the best book so far)
6) Casino Royale - Ian Fleming
5) Aurorarama - Jean-Christophe Valtat
4) Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse
3) Paper Towns - John Green
2) Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris
1) The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
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