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Extra Life 2014Aloha folks!

Alright, here is my bigass post about Rooster Teeth's efforts in Extra Life 2014.

First and foremost, thank you everyone who has been so supportive of our team in Extra Life. Our Pre-Party stream a few weeks ago was an amazing success and we've already raised almost $18,000 before the event has begun! That blows me away!!

Now on to this year's information. We will be streaming from 8am CST on Saturday, October 25th until 8am CST on Sunday, October 26th from our headquarters here in Austin. A few of us may swing by the Microsoft store here in Austin to say hi to the Extra Life ATX guild as well. Our stream will be on our Twitch channel located at
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6 Years and a Movie!Aloha folks,

Today marks the 6th anniversary for our little slice of Rooster Teeth and the web. I couldn't be prouder with this past year. I helped kick off a renewed effort towards our charity work and we've pulled in over half a million dollars that goes towards helping those who need it! Our Let's Play channel has blown up and we moved offices to our brand new space. Oh yeah, and I got married to the most amazing woman on the planet. It's been a good one.

We wouldn't be here without you guys and we will never forget that. We've got some amazing things planned for this year and I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to them.

Of course I wouldn't ...
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Happy Birthday Achievement HunterSo six years ago, we started a little side project called Achievement Hunter (which thank God, we picked instead of Achieve Men). It was going to be a forum/text based site to help people get achievements, with the odd video guide thrown in here and there. Our first video was done by none other than Mr. Jack Pattillo, and can be viewed here. It was an Achievement guide in Burnout Paradise, and every year on our anniversary, I love to watch it, then immediately watch our latest video (in this case it's LP Minecraft 113 - Megatower).

It's ridiculous how far we've come since those early days of Jack and I making guides in our spare time. In six years we've produced more tha...
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Cap'n MeHey guys, I don't know if you've picked up Age of Booty Tactics yet, but you absolutely should. I've totally leveled up my "Gavin the Mad" to 8 and have had a blast so far.

Our friends over at Certain Affinity have done me the honor of putting my likeness into the game and now you can go vote on it right here. Pick your favorite!! (I'm a bit partial to Jack o' Nine Ales)

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you should. It's a lot of fun and completely free. (Although it'll cost just a little bit of cash if you want to play as some of the Rooster Teeth folks)

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My better halfMy RTX journal is coming! I'm just waiting on some final fundraising numbers from the Charity Race-a-Thon, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I wanted to celebrate my wonderful wife, @Caiti, becoming a permanent resident of the United States!

Immigration is a long process, as we've talked about on the podcast before, so it's a relief to finally have it all over and done with, especially for Caiti who's talents now know no bounds (as she was very restricted while not of permanent resident status).

I'm amped to see what she is going to accomplish now that she is free to do what she pleases with this country! You should be too! You can go and watch her to see what new thi...
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