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Hooray!Once the RT caching system catches up to Ben's update of my permissions on the site, I'll not longer be the only person on a staff blog without a forum position!

Grifball was hurting for another mod, and apparently my number came up. Step two on the "Hostile Takeover of Rooster Teeth LLC" plan is complete! Next up is impersonating a certain Mr. Geoff Ramsey and using his identity to sell non-RT machinima legally.
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jack Cast & Crew
Down the Rabbit HoleHere's how it started.

I used to work at Walt Disney World, the (at the time) Disney-MGM Studios. It has now been renamed Disney's Hollywood Studios. Weak. I did two stints of duty there as part of the Walt Disney World College Program. One at The Great Movie Ride and one at the water tank portion of the Backlot Tour. (I was the dude in red running around with the mic. Not in this video.)

I worked there for about a year and became a huge junkie when it comes to theme parks. (Particularly Orlando parks.) This brought me to sites like Jim Hill Media and MiceAge and ScreamScape.

I'll occasionally check up on these tonight. I learned my old Backlot Tour is s...
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If a picture is worth 1000 words...Then video must be 1,000,000

Or something.

Rather than bore you with tl;dr impressions, here's a roundtable discussion with the Xbox MVPs +1.

Since it's Blip it's in the first comment.
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Yes. I has one.No, you can't has it.

Full details of my trip and the event tomorrow. Tonight I need to rest from all the travel and excitement.

*whispers* That was awesome shit!*
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jack Cast & Crew
950 / 1000Picked up the co-op achievement in Skate 2. Online "Online Legend" remains. But now I have to get another 2600 experience in an online mode that is kind of busted. Uggg...See you in a few days.

Thanks for everyone who offered help.

I think this might be the first game I'll 1000/1000 with online achievements. I really can't stand online achievements, but at least these weren't too horribly difficult.
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