If a picture is worth 1000 words...Then video must be 1,000,000

Or something.

Rather than bore you with tl;dr impressions, here's a roundtable discussion with the Xbox MVPs +1.

Since it's Blip it's in the first comment.
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Yes. I has one.No, you can't has it.

Full details of my trip and the event tomorrow. Tonight I need to rest from all the travel and excitement.

*whispers* That was awesome shit!*
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jack Cast & Crew
950 / 1000Picked up the co-op achievement in Skate 2. Online "Online Legend" remains. But now I have to get another 2600 experience in an online mode that is kind of busted. Uggg...See you in a few days.

Thanks for everyone who offered help.

I think this might be the first game I'll 1000/1000 with online achievements. I really can't stand online achievements, but at least these weren't too horribly difficult.
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It's over 90000!!!WHAT?! 90000?

I got that during Friday's epic Achievement Hunter TV.The show went pretty good. We did Burnout Party mode, AC/DC Rock Band, Word Puzzle, Gears of War 2 Co Op and finished off with a round of Team Fortress 2 and 7 people on my friends list to hit the 90K milestone.

I'm actually not in NYC right now. Long Story short: Microsoft decided to foot the bill for my airfare. I fly out tomorrow, and get back Wednesday. So that's cool. Hopefully I won't get Lost. Cause that'd Damned suck. Everything should work out, and hopefully I'll have a good time.

Next Friday is Friday the 13th. AHTV will be next Friday. Based on the day, we're gonna do a proper (...
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Tales of Pysiology 210I'm studying for tomorrow morning's Physiology midterm, and I noticed something I hadn't before in my notes, something mind blowing that I hadn't seen for so long that I forgot about it.

Hold your finger out in front and to the left of you and look at it. Now move it across your visual field to the right, and track it, like a camera would if you turned it.

Now get rid of your finger and look at a wall with nothing but stationary objects on it and try to move smoothly from right to left without automatically snapping to the objects on the wall or specific points in your visual field.

That's right, YOU CAN'T. It's physically impossible for the human eye to pan...
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