Oh oh, it's magicYou know ... the Video Recorder from Blackmagic Design is shipping. I should have it soon. HD capture means I can just capture when I play, rather than have to set up capturing, and endure standard definition. Gay. It uses component but only captures in SD.

Also, I'm gonna be in New York City from the 7th to the 11th, I may hit the Comic Con on the weekend, but will be going to a top secret gaming event while I'm there. In the meantime, if you want to meet up or something, lemme know.

And finally, AHTV this Thursday [Edit: maybe]. Burnout Paradise Party DLC with new Achievements.
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geoff Cast & Crew
Goblin CockYesterday I discovered a new band (to me). I'm sure you've all known about them for years and are already bored with them, but whatever. I'm old an out of touch. Anyway, this song is pretty awesome.
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Congratulations are in orderHuzzah, RobbieMac won a Halo Wars code. By random draw, supplied by

Anyway, did you enjoy the game?
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geoff Cast & Crew
if anyone is on XBLright now, we're playing some soul calivbur iv. you should join.
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jack Cast & Crew
Seriously? WTF.Hey, about my last journal, the whole lime thing...yeah, I was wrong.

I have motherfucking pink eye.

Oh, and my health insurance ran out TODAY.

I'll be in my panic room if you need me.
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