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HispanicI REALLY hate to take the topmost AH Blog post from Gav and his machinimatory excellence (and oh how excellent), but I have a problem that I feel obliged to ask everybody about.

I recently lost a voice actor for a machinima series I'm working on (many months old teaser/trailer here, thread here, and new minute and a half teaser from Episode 1), and he's proving somewhat difficult to replace. He's hardcore Mexican and I had him speaking in his best Vote for Pedro accent for his character. Unfortunately he can't do the role any more, and I'm now looking for a new actor, someone who either has or can imitate an exaggerated but natural sounding Hispanic accent. We're talking Carlos Mencia or Vote for Pedro exaggerated.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested. It's a three-episode long part, and should take not much more than an hour or two of your time overall.

Again, go look at Gav, who is now below me on the blog. That Man/Brit is a beauty.
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CataholicI may or may not have just gave Qusay a bit of Lone Star.

I better make sure she doesn't drive anytime soon.
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