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You all wish you had my piloting skills

Start your engines.
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I like the fact that Michael doesn't even seem that pissed. I thought he was gonna start giggling at the end.
2 years ago
Lol I expected for michael to beat the shit out of you xD
2 years ago
ChevyCobb Sponsor
I was actually more worried about you hitting the TV than his head.
2 years ago
Lol, I drove car with one hand!!!
2 years ago
ZachRobak Sponsor
I expected more rage.
2 years ago
pure rage quit right there
2 years ago
matsta117 Australian
LOL I has 1 of these except mine is 1.3 meters big has a cam and can go up about 700ft like a boss
2 years ago
taterstock Sponsor
I love those damn little helicopters!
2 years ago
Love Michaels face at the realisation of his employers website. YOU KNOW IT!
2 years ago
this made gavs year
2 years ago
Phoenixrage Forum Mod
I'm not sure if I want your piloting skills if they involving crashing violently at the end.

"How'd I do?"
"Your take off and flight procedures are well polished, your landing leaves something to be desired."
"How so?"
"You disengaged the engines and sent the plane into a death spin to earth before abandoning the aircraft with a parachute."
"One handed, though."
2 years ago
The reason he changed his shirt is because it was covered in Gavin's blood.
2 years ago
Oh Gavino. Still as awesome as ever.
2 years ago
Ohhh you Brits
2 years ago
Why arnt the Battlefield 3 helicopters easier to fly than these?!
2 years ago
maverick226 GrifBall Fan
So HOW do you fly a helicopter with one hand?
Gavin could tell you...... but then Michael would have to kill you.
2 years ago
thats what happens when i open my mouth during an akward silence..... i get hit in the head with some random object
2 years ago
Pretty good with one hand, huh? Bow chicka bow wow.
2 years ago
Bitch please, I roll the one-handed stick better than anyone anyday. What of it?
2 years ago
kyle042 The Kid
Clearly Gavin you must be the pilot in a co-op run of New Alexandria in Reach
2 years ago
I keep rewinding it back to the part where it falls, I can't stop laughing haha
2 years ago
indeeskater Test Subject
those things are hard to fly, so hitting someone in the head with one of them with one hand piloting it, well done!
2 years ago
those are one of the best awesome piloting skills ever, of all time
2 years ago
The_Hybrid The Brit
And you controlled that joystick one handed, I wonder how you became so skilled?
2 years ago
I almost didn't recognize Michael with his new hair cut.
2 years ago
Noahoftheark Sponsor
That thing is hard to fly, just goes to show what a lifetime of videogames will get you, complete understanding of all electronics.
2 years ago
2 years ago
LOLZ to this
1 year ago
bow chika bow wow bow
2 years ago
HappyFinger Bydand
Yeah, I can barely get those damned things to fly straight.
2 years ago
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