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On the podcast this week

I talked about how I challenged burnie to do a two-footed jump into a car.
I also played audio from the video I took of this event.
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Ronny070 Sponsor
This is how Gavin is going to kill everyone in the office for fucking with him so much.
Vengeful vengeful Gavin.
3 years ago
Wow I don't know what Burny was thinking. But Gavin if you challenge someone and they don't chicken out then you have to also do the challenge as well.
3 years ago
I thought Burnie was going to go Saints Row The Third on that car.
3 years ago
Amazing video :D
3 years ago
nickst7719 I mean YOLO
Pease don't say something stupid xD
3 years ago
tokenring Sponsor
After the podcast I really wanted to see this video, did not disappoint. I might have to try this on some friends soon.
3 years ago
Loved that podcast :D Burnie has the most spectacular fails.
3 years ago
The sound when he hit the car ... *priceless*
3 years ago
SimonHDTV The Dude
That is bang out of order...
3 years ago
veyron32 Speedofpush
one of the best RT lifes we have had yet! and also ... LOL
3 years ago
New Series Called the "Gavin challenge"? I Hope!
3 years ago
Richardson Sponsor
Your suave accent persuaded him, Gavin.
3 years ago
I love the RT Life videos and when is Geoff coming back on the podcast?
3 years ago
Next time a hoop of fire.
3 years ago
lmao! i love the high-pitched squeaking!!!
3 years ago
What would Burnie be without his employee's.......

3 years ago
that video is hilarious, even after everything gavin has said and done over the years, that fact that anyone in the office, let alone Burnie, will still listen to him is amazing
3 years ago
Gavin, you are a young ENGLISH gentleman representing your national heritage in a foreign land. The word is ARSE as in gluteus maximus, not ASS which is a type of hoofed mammal of the horse family.
Also note there have been no "Brits" on the podcast so far.
Please and Thank you
3 years ago
forecep The Chemist
good video
3 years ago
JustAlex Sponsor
The video should have started like this

"Hey, im Burnie Burns. And welcome to Jackass"
3 years ago
That was pretty badass I must say.
3 years ago
Pfft just jumping into a hard could that be??
3 years ago
First the tacos, then this stunt... It really makes me wonder what Burnie's going to do next.
3 years ago
RV3D Sponsor
XD why would you listen to Gavin in the first place?
3 years ago
Burnie is indeed "badass"
3 years ago
rivyer Sponsor
He should have shouted 'PARKOUR!'
3 years ago
I heard this on the podcast and couldn't wait until the video came out I laughed so fucking hard.
3 years ago
lmao we need more!
3 years ago
coronado51 Sponsor
cant believe his arm is the only thing he hurt jumping in the car it looked like it go the back of his head to!
3 years ago
HAKURU_15 Sponsor
Wild Gus says RAWR! :D
3 years ago
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