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August Fails of the Month

I think the August Fails of the Month video from our GameFails channel has to be hands down the best so far. The quality of submissions seems to be going through the roof lately.
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2 years ago  |  + 1 Cool
Pretty funny video. BTW, nice god-like win in the Minecraft LP (17). Buried diamond chest FTW.
2 years ago
I love when you and Ray busted out laughing at the Just Cause 2 clip. amazing xD
2 years ago
Danny Sponsor
its been a wile since you posted
2 years ago
These are honestly the best of the best. Now I'm gonna need new lungs. Who knew you can burn them out laughing?
2 years ago
Lolman_scott Sponsor
Bahahaha! Here come the drums!
2 years ago
Specter515 TextGoesHere
Are you sure you don't mean 'through the floor'? These are fails we're talking about, after all...
2 years ago
More awesome fails
2 years ago
Cassner Sponsor
YouTube and the IPad right now are like Oil and Water
2 years ago
i loved episode 52 i think. that was a funny ending!!! :)
2 years ago
You guys been posting alote of vids this week good job Awesome work.
2 years ago
S427 Cover me
Not sure what I like more, the fails themselves, or Geoff laughing his ass off!
2 years ago
I thought May was funnier.
2 years ago
Pretty unique and nice video.

English writing
2 years ago
Fat leads to death
2 years ago
WomanFriday Sponsor
The Kegel exercises mention was a bit disturbing.
2 years ago
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