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I'm still Alive (updates of Cooner)Yeah I'm still alive, just spend most of my time of Facebook. Any of you are more than welcome to send me a friends Request there too. But i'm still liking my job in the Records Section of the Sheriff's Office. Yeah i'm the only guy in the whole Div but hey, way to be the wave of change right. Plus it's expanding my resume for things i've done. I've worked as a corrections officer, a clerk in a police records dept that handles warrants and protection orders as well as every other police record you can think of, I still run the equipment for the TWP police Dept I work for and I'm a cop. I could run a dept now with the stuff i've done. Anyway, I'm still in the process for a slot to be a cop at the Dayton International Airport. 20 bucks an hour of hell yeah. So I'm told that process will start later this year and after that I hope to be able to move out of my ghetto neighborhood. Then I shall work on saving time and money for TO 2012. I also to hope to go to the Winter TO get together. Love to see my friends up in the great north during a great north winter. Well that's all the news from me, I know such a exciting life I lead. But hey, my 2 fav holidays are coming up. Halloween (#1) and Christmas(#2). Should be a time of good change this 2011 and 2012. Cheers for high hopes and plentiful booze to celebrate it all.
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Name David C.
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