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24 year-old female from MA

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Birthday September 13th, 1990
Interests Hmmm... What interests me.... Well there's hockey baseball MLG Photoshop pwning noobs in Halo 2 & 3 filming acting script writing... actually no i hate this machinima (I LOVE machinima) showing up all the juniors in my shop class... lol being online doing absolutely nothing and NOT waiting for my friend to film stuff I asked for a week ago...... Well I guess those are my interests... I think.
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Music I listen to like the same 20 songs everyday lol..........
Movies Machinima wise: The Codex and The Heretic. Real movie wise: mostly anything with Adam Sandler and/or Jim Carrey
TV Shows MYTHBUSTERS! This show fucking pwns your ass!
Books The Halo series.... those are the only books I�39;ve really read without it being a school project or anything lol....