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New Years Resolution 2015In the past I've always set little goals for my New Years Resolutions. Each year I meet most of those goals, but don't feel accomplished as none were actually a challenge, or took everyday focus. This year I've decided to challenge myself. I want my goal to be something I work on every day. I want it to be something I'm scared to strive for. That's why my goal for 2015 is to try out for Team USA at the end of the year. Of all applicants during the last World Games, only 100 were invited to try-out and only 15 made the team. Below are the steps I'm taking to reach this goal:

Diet Change:
-Limit processed sugar intake
-Eat out less
-Healthier home cooked meals

Working Out/Injury Prevention:
-Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Clock Work Body (workouts to build strength and endurance)
-Play pick up to maintain cardio endurance during offseason
-Once Doublewide season starts I'll lift less and add sprint workouts

Improve Specific Skills:
-Work on I/O flick and hucks
-Develop better awareness in order to help more with team defense
-Work on footwork to improve cutting and agility

This is a lofty goal, as there are many talented players out there who would love to represent the USA next year and while I would absolutely love to represent our country, the honor of trying out for this team would mean the world to me.

Any of you make some New Years Resolutions?

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