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Capt_Crazy25 Burly Viking
23 year-old male from Portland, Oregon
Hello, I'm Zack and I'm just a normal person, like to play video games, workout, hang out with friends, and cook, I love to cook.

Probably going back to Portland State to finish a degree in accounting. That will be fun to go back to a big Uni, I miss it a lot.
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Capt_Crazy25 Burly Viking
that RT thingyGeneral:
Username: Capt_crazy25
Age: 23
From: Portland, OR
Sponsor: hell yes
Date Joined: 5/10/11
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Rooster Teeth Content:
First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: RvB Season 1 Episode 1
Last Podcast you watched: I dont know, havent been keeping up
Favourite member of the Rooster Teeth: Burnie.... or Joel
Did you watch an RT video today: yes
----Which one: one of the Animated Adventures
Favourite RT Series: Immersion or RvB
Favourite RT video: uhhhhhhhhhhh

RT Site:
Current Number Of Notifications: 7
Name of first Journal: My first post
Name of you latest Journal: The forum and Yang and Drawing
Last Photo you uploaded: a picture of me
Last Thread you commented on: I dont know and dont want to ...
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