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24 year-old male from Portland, Oregon
Hello, I'm Zack and I'm just a normal person, like to play video games, workout, hang out with friends, and cook, I love to cook.

Probably going back to Portland State to finish a degree in accounting. That will be fun to go back to a big Uni, I miss it a lot.
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My Pepakura Iron man helmets WIPSo I have been working on some iron man helmets, These are the first things that I have made out of pepakura. They are still works in progress and I dont like how they are coming out. So because they are the first ones that I have made they will be test pieces and I can figure out how to make a real good one.

First up is the Mark 42, the one that was used in iron man 3.

This next one is the mark 7, the helmet from iron man two and parts of the avengers.

These are right after they have been all glued up and before I put any sort of coating on them. They are still very much in progress.... I also have plans to make some halo helmets and way more iron man helmets.

Also, thank ...
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