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24 year-old male from Portland, Oregon
Hello, I'm Zack and I'm just a normal person, like to play video games, workout, hang out with friends, and cook.

The game I am playing the most currently is Destiny.

I dont know what else to say. I am a nerd, I like nerdy things.
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Capt_Crazy25 BurlyViking
Favorite book of all timeI have been a fan of Jim butcher for a while. I enjoy the Dresden Files a great deal but I LOVE his other series the Codex Alera, a fantasy series consisting of 6 books. The series revolves around a young boy who is very different from every one else in the world and not in a good way. This young boy Tavi grows over the series and it is just awesome to follow along with his growth.

But my favorite book of the series is Captain's Fury it is the 4th book and Tavi is really coming into his own. He is no longer helpless and has become a person who is respected by many. I really love the book because there are little things in it that give a great message about how to live. One should not just try to survive life, one should try and live. Living and surviving are not the same thing. Living is enjoying yourself and experiencing things, it may not always be pleasant but you are always doing something.

Aside from that little tidbit in the middle of the book it is a great adventure and fantasy novel.
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