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Capt_Crazy25 TheDestroyer
23 year-old male from Portland, Oregon
Hello, I'm Zack and I'm just a normal person, like to play video games, workout, hang out with friends, and cook, I love to cook.

Probably going back to Portland State to finish a degree in accounting. That will be fun to go back to a big Uni, I miss it a lot.
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Capt_Crazy25 TheDestroyer
oh so satisfying A really satisfying feeling is blocking a person. Just knowing that they wont be bothering you anymore

I just got back on skype and my ex was still there... mmmm feels good

my skype is zack.cowan11 If you feel so inclined to try and get in touch with me.... but i do need to find my webcam... my POS laptop does not have one built in, its that old!
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Name Zack Cowan
Occupation book keeper
Birthday November 11th, 1990
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