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24 year-old male from Portland, Oregon
Hello, I'm Zack and I'm just a normal person, like to play video games, workout, hang out with friends, and cook, I love to cook.

Probably going back to Portland State to finish a degree in accounting. That will be fun to go back to a big Uni, I miss it a lot.
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Capt_Crazy25 BurlyViking
The man in the mirrorIts funny that you can look in the mirror your whole life and see your self then one day look up from washing your hands and not recognize the person looking back at you.

That happened to me today. I cant explain it but I no longer know the man looking back at me. I used to see a... I hesitate to say kid but I feel like that is what has always best described me. But the person looking back at me was an over weight man who looked disheveled.

If people see the person that I saw then I dont want to be that way. I want to be that kid again. the kid who was proud to take his shirt off... time to go to work on this thing.

Edit: but this spark is more then just not recognizing who I was looking at. I was at a party the other weekend and was having a really good time with the people there but I now wonder what the girls thought of when they looked at me. If I am not comfortable with my shirt off what do they think? I doubt that they would want to see me with my shirt off... This is really something I need to work on. I know that it wont change over night but things need to change.
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