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Next MonthNext month my Girlfriend is buying me a game (as a late Christmas present) and i am unsure what to get at the moment. i am really into sports so i am considering Madden 12 NCAA 12 and UFC 3. The thing i have against that is i already have Madden 10 so i am not sure if it is worth getting Madden 12. i am also into shooting games so Battlefield 3 is definitely a consideration but i already have MW3 so i'm unsure to get that or not. i am a huge star wars fan so Old Republic seems like an awesome game for me personally i can see myself getting into that like most ppl get into WOW one problem is i cannot be guaranteed that ill be able to afford the monthly fee every month so i do not know if i should get it. Last but not least i am a Dragon Age fan and i heard skyrim is a really good game that is basically like dragon age i have never played an oblivion game so i am really skeptical on getting it sense i have never played any of the series so i am unsure on even considering the game
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