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43 year-old male from Regenstauf, Bavaria, Germany
I was born in 1971 in Germany; Currently I am working as an electrical engineer at Continental (Automotive Electronics); I am also teaching microcomputer technology at the University of applied Science in Regensburg;
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Cool ... HALO 3 O.D.S.T. is availableI got a call from the local Game Stop store. They told me that my preordered HALO 3 O.D.S.T. copy is available. What a nice surprise ...
I thought the game was going to be released on Sept. 22nd.

Unfortunaturely I am out of town this weekend ...
But I am looking forward to an intensive gaming session
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Name Armin Schoen
Birthday September 24th, 1971
Interests Video Games; Computers in General; Electronics; teaching microcontroller technology; and maybe the most expensive one: Collection toy robots ....; ... and HALO merchandising (this includes Red vs. Blue stuff); Home cinema activities; going to the cinema;
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Music HALO Soundtrack (1 2 3 RvB) Trance Dance Techno
Movies Starwars Zathura I Robot ... actually ... there aren't many SF movies I don9;t like ;-)
TV Shows Stargate Star Trek King of Queens Red vs. Blue (It's not on TV yet (at least in Germany) but definetely my favourite series ...)
Books HALO novel series Battletech almost all books from Isaac Asimov Dilbert Cartons Roosterteeth cartoon book