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Country1059 Shiny
40 year-old male from Lexington, SC
Married to a great woman that lets me enjoy my hobbies without giving me crap about it. There is plenty of stress in my job and RVB and AH help to decompress when I get home. I'm not the greatest gamer but it is fun to play and not think about work, bills, or any other adult stuff and be a kid again. Remember the difference between want and need and you'll be satisfied.
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Country1059 Shiny
About thatI had to post that last journal because TBO tagged me in one. It's a damn shame that I had to get tagged to post something. I've been busy is a stupid excuse and having the site blocked at work isn't much better. I just figured there isn't that much exciting going on, but I know some of y'all still care. remember that cat that showed up awhile back?

She's still here and we named her Flash because of the spike of orange on her head. There's also an orange tabby that showed up and my wife fed...named him Grif. Basically because he's orange and a bit lazy.

We also got a new dog for the wife. It's a Maltese rescue that's eit...
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Name Mike Bouknight
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