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OMG I came back.Okay, so I finally logged on again after countless months of inactivity due to the fact that my friends who also attend this site are all being douchebags to each other.

If you're reading this and thinking something along the lines of "Does he mean me?", then the answer is yes, and quit being a douchebag. You aren't blameless in the douchebag category.

Well, now that I'm here I may as well post something to read on my page about what's been up with me. I recently acquired and read several very good Street Fighter mangas and comics, which gave me a renewed interest in the Street Fighter games, namely Alpha 3. Alongside this interest has come a newfound respect and fondness for both Sakura from Street Fighter, and Hinata of Rival Schools origin. This means that you can expect avatar changes and picture spams of such content in the future. I would have posted pictures here, but it has proven difficult to find ones that suit this purpose.

So Michael, practice your SFA3.
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