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24 year-old male from Middlesbrough, UK
Hi I'm Chris, currently working for a high street bank in the UK and making my own sketch/lets play style videos under the guise of Stormspace Productions. I am a massive petrol head, love most cars. Like to read, I am a massive fan of Michael Crichton books. My music tastes in some ways are very narrow, but I know what I like and I love live albums. Like to play Xbox, mixture of games there, occasionally play PS3 or PC. As a fan of Williams F1, I would have to say my loyalty runs with the Blue team...we have a tank!
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Stormspace ramblingsAs people a very few people maybe aware I have been trying to get some machinima videos off the ground through Stormspace Productions (just the name we use for videos, not a professional production company despite having a website and emails that may make it sound otherwise). The main project I have been trying to get off the ground is a machinima series based in GTA4 called "Where's My Liberty?" however need people and another female voice to get that off the ground.

Recently though as Stormspace, we have been doing what we call "Stormspace Does" which in layman's terms is a lets play, but I will bet a pound to a penny that at the moment they may only be giggle worthy not full on doubled over laughter that I get from the AH guys. We have thus far got "Plants vs Zombies" 2 parts done by Peter playing on a PC. There is "Minecraft" called 'Got Wood' with another one coming shortly called 'Master Bate' done by me on PC. There is also Gears of War 3, which is just me on Xbox 360 playing through the campaign, 1 video up at the moment, many hours of my failures still to go. However that is when other commitments don't come up. I love doing these videos, but I have to keep a roof over my head, I need to pay my bills, and unless Rooster Teeth or AH come knocking on my door which will for now only remain a daydream, the videos will not becoming out as fast as they should.

There has also been an interim sketch which basically started out as a green screen Minecraft test. My thought process was that there is green wool in Minecraft, surely you can cut out something that isn't a Creeper and add it into what you're doing. Its a test that I am pleased with but I know it could be more.

We also got our first 2 sketches out, live action skits this is. I have done machinima one off's before but not live action. The first sketch Peter and I had planned when he visited me in Middlesbrough, where he cloned himself. The camera we were using was not expensive, it cost 22 including a price reduction. It's a Vivitar DVR 638HD. The initial plan was to have many clones of Peter in the video, however the camera limited the numbers we could do, plus the video quality was not the greatest. However I am very pleased with how Peter made that one turn out, you can tell he has been doing video editing for a long time now and hopefully he will excel in his degree which involves it. The other live action was an after thought, sort of a wrangling the clones for want of a better phrase. I cut that one together and I will say it is not as slick as Peter's editing. Also there is one fairly noticeable area where the footage didn't match up, but it is less obvious than it could have been. Hopefully we can continue to get better at the videos and who knows, maybe...just maybe...one day...it'll come to us...that cheque from blip.tv for $25 when we make it that far.

To view our stuff check out our blip.tv channel (don't worry, it is safe). Give them a view and let me know what you think, assuming you have your own cognitive functionality and can form opinions of your own. Have a good whatever time of day it is :)


P.S. I would like to apologise in some of the stuff we do that reference RT and AH, its what inspires a lot of my comedy as well as the classics of Ronnie Barker & Ronnie Corbett, Tommy Cooper and more modern people like Ross Noble.
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