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24 year-old male from Middlesbrough, UK
Hi I'm Chris, currently working for a high street bank in the UK and making my own sketch/lets play style videos under the guise of Stormspace Productions. I am a massive petrol head, love most cars. Like to read, I am a massive fan of Michael Crichton books. My music tastes in some ways are very narrow, but I know what I like and I love live albums. Like to play Xbox, mixture of games there, occasionally play PS3 or PC. As a fan of Williams F1, I would have to say my loyalty runs with the Blue team...we have a tank!
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Little bit of faith restored via GTAVI recently posted about a few problems that I had been having with GTAV online and it was based on my own experiences as well as what I had heard off other people. Now I still play it pretty often but that is partially due to being a tiny bit lazy but also none of my games at the moment are grabbing me in the way the GTA campaign or the Halo 4 campaign did at present.

However I was playing online last night, it was a Lester mission and I took a leap of faith playing with other people. It was a mission that I thought had glitched out as no cargobobs could be located anywhere until I jumped into the airbase with a passenger of Xbox origin but not much else known about them. I then had to escape the base with this passenger and a 4 star wanted level. Not the best thing in the world for me as I am not the best pilot in that game. Something to do with patience and not being bad at the game.

Anyhoo, cargobob was got, 4 star wanted level, unknown if the unknown guy in the helicopter was trying to shoot the chasing helicopters down as I had 3 on me when we left the air base and 3 on me when we got to the airport. Suffice it to say that the helicopter caught fire, the other guy died and I had to abandon ship and shoot out on the beach where my body played catch with some bullets and promptly washed out to sea until it was mission end. The other guy in the mission had flown around then eventually finished the mission with us spectating, 23k earned in game, enough for about 5 bullets but a refreshing change to have people who saw it through to the end.

My faith was restored simply because after the game I messaged the guy to say good job on finishing the mission solo. We have had and still are having some nice messaging back and forths and I have discovered that he is also an AH fan after I quoted a Ray quote I like "abandon ship" (ok, it's not really the quote, more the way Ray says it).

The point is, it is refreshing to run across someone who isn't an arsehole on GTAV and indeed Xbox live as a whole.
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