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20 year-old male from Browns Mills, NJ
I'm a 17 year old avid gamer. I love Halo and have always loved how Rooster Teeth utilized it. Usually don't mess around on my profile too much ( busy watching Red vs Blue ) There is nothing on the Rooster Teeth or Achievment Hunter that I don't like. This community is awesome and I'd love to run into anyone from it at any time and any place. This is the greatest website ever, of all time.
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Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary review.First of all this game is very worth the buy whether you are a Halo veteran or not. The core gameplay of the campaign is faithfully preserved and the multiplayer is an excellent modification of Reach's multiplayer using specific setting that replicate the original multiplayer in a way that has been very satisfying in my opinion. The game contains two separate engines. One is the original engine from 2001, and the second is a modern graphics engine layered right over the old. You can switch between the two at will by pressing the back button. this is an incredible featuure and in my opinion really adds to the value. This really sets a new standard for remakes and 343i has done a great job bringing Combat Evolved into the new decade. And for only $40 bucks its a great value.
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