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29 year-old male from I come from the Land Down Under..Aussie!


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When you can't run you crawl and when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you
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I own at HaloHey guys,

Been a while hasn't it.

Just thought you might wanna know if I still have the same skill with Halo

This is the biggest win I hve ever done on a Team Slayer Game and on my Fav Map

Team Slayer - Sanctuary (Ranked)

Also here is another one I rapped at

Team Slayer - Turf (Ranked)
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Name Luke, Lukas, Chief
Occupation Computer Administration for HP Computers
Birthday May 5th, 1986
Interests Halo2 Xbox Live Chicks Cars Food Wrestling Soccer Football Computers Chicks ....hmmmm drinking dancing hanging out with mates....Red Vs Blue of course Caboose ''I Cant see them they cant see me'' The Codex
Music ROCK!!!! I listen to rock now I havent listened to RNB for ages. I used to like it but now i have moved onto the best music. Papa Roach Evanescence Seether One Tree Hill Music
Movies Star Wars Series Matrix Series Lord of the Rings Series Blade Movies Conan Movies Boys N The Hood Friday Series The Punisher Scar Face
TV Shows Lost Everybody Loves Raymond & Footy Show Simpsons....Red Vs Blue when it gets there!!!!
Books Read are you serious sure ''Sweet Water Night'' its the only one I actually read in school and it was a really interesting Thriller...other than that I dont read I play Halo 2 and last night I was playing against Modders but they werent modding they put there skill to the test and they got rapped