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17 year-old male from California
I play video games and stuff
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A company, a community, and an inspiration.I didn't know Monty. A lot of the community didn't know Monty. But it sure felt like we did.

What's amazing about Rooster Teeth is that it isn't just a company. From a spectators perspective, the creative people who entertain us with endless content every day seem more like a family. And the way we, the community, are treated, it can sometimes feel like we are apart of that family. And although that attachment can lead to good and bad things, it's clear that we all lost a family member today.

I first became a fan of Rooster Teeth back in around 2007 when I used to spend my weekends at my cousins house. They had a DVD titled "Red vs Blue Season 5," and the cover, which featured what looked like characters from Halo, had me curious. We watched the entire season and I fell in love. Despite the content being far too inappropriate for young me, and despite probably not even understanding the humor, I was instantly hooked. I watched every single episode and I loved it.

Years later I signed up on the website, and a little bit later I started listening to both the then named "Drunk Tank," and the "Internet Box." In response to Andrew Blanchard I made a silly journal called "Why the Dark Knight Rises sucks." Through that journal, and this company, I met my best friends in a time where I didn't have any.

Not only did I make friends, but I also found my passion. The level of creativity that Rooster Teeth pumps out inspired me. Currently 17 years old, I've since had the dream of being a filmmaker and spreading the same sort of creativity to others. Monty Oum was a symbol of that same creativity. He has a work ethic that is unmatched, and the way I see it, he is the core of everything that Rooster Teeth is about. He is someone to look up to, and we should all try to follow in his footsteps.

Spread creativity. Be an artist. Write something. Share it. There aren't enough "Monty"s in the world, and the world needs more people like him.
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