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31 year-old male from Wales, UK

I don't even know what to put here any more.
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5 YearsSo today is my fifth anniversary on this site. It's been a fun ride and long may it continue. If I didn't have an ear infection giving me vertigo I might have a bit more to say but for now I'll just say thanks to all of you who've made it a blast.
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Name Ryan
Occupation Team support for castles and stuff
Birthday August 5th, 1982
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Music A-ha Aerosmith Air Al Green Alice Cooper Alice in Chains Audioslave Barenaked Ladies Beach Boys Beastie boys Beck Ben Folds The Beta Band Black Sabbath Blind Melon Blink 182 Blondie Bloodhound gang Blue Oyster cult Blur Buffalo Springfield David Bowie Cake Cheap trick The Clash Cracker Crackout Creedence clearwater revivial The Cure Daft Punk Def Leppard Dinosaur Jr. Dio Dire straits Divine comedy The Doors Drugstore Duran Duran Bob Dylan Eagles Eels ELO Electric Six Europe Extreme Faith no more Fantomas Flaming lips Flobots Foo fighters Fun lovin' criminals Green Day Colin Hay Led Zeppelin Manic Street Preachers Oasis Pearl Jam Pink Floyd Prince Radiohead Red Hot Chilli Peppers Skid Row Smashing Pumpkins Terrorvision U2 Weezer Neil Young Send No Flowers Gogol Bordello The Who Moby Wannadies Regina Spektor David Devant and his Spirit Wife The Doors Grandaddy Fiona Apple NWA Nellie McKay Public Enemy.
Movies Too many to mention some favs include: Donnie Darko The Big Lebowski Monster Squad Waynes World 300 Sin City X-Men Princess Bride Shaun of the Dead Snakes on a Plane Spider-man Die Hard Bubba Ho-tep Clerks Back to the Future Dogma Mallrats Office Space The Notorious Betty Page Pan's Labyrinth Little Miss Sunshine From Dusk 'til Dawn Evil Dead Escape From New York History of Violence Hellboy Fletch Don Juan DeMarco Anchorman Lord of the Rings Napoleon Dynamite Pulp Fiction Brick Coffee & Cigarettes Best In Show Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas Dazed & Confused. Here's a list of all my DVDs
TV Shows Simpsons South Park Heroes Freaks & Geeks Undeclared Miami Vice Futurama House Mighty Boosh Office (UK & USA) Seinfeld Curb your enthusiasm Band of brothers Frasier Ed X-files.
Books Favourite authors incude: Hunter S. Thompson Douglas Copeland Charlie Brooker Kevin Smith and books are Catcher in the Rye Walden Watchmen Fletch If chins could kill Flanimals.