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30 year-old male from Flanders, Belgium
5th year of college... completed
And guess what... it was my last one, I passed =)

If you hate steam, you gonna love this
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Name DTE
Occupation IT Consultant
Birthday December 24th, 1984
Interests Gaming Music Bartending on friday Formule 1 Footbal Going Out Partying WO II RvB Team Fortress 2
Music Rock Hard Rock Metal Bit Of Hardcore Alternative Punk Punk Rock Pop Punk FAVORITE BANDS: AC/DC Apocalyptica The Bloodhound Gang De Dikke Lul Band Green Day Guns And Roses Iron Maiden Janez Detd Katastroof Korn Meat Loaf Metallica Nirvana The Offspring Pennywise Pink Floyd Queen R.E.M. Rammstein The Ramones Simple Plan The White Stripes
Movies Star Wars movies Alien movies The longest day The Great Escape Saving Private Ryan Band Of Brothers The Hunt For Red October Dodgeball Johnny English Patton Pirates Of The Caribbean Scary Movie(s) Schindlers List The Perfect Storm Where Eagles dare The Bourne Identity The Bourne Supremacy The Last Samurai Pulp Fiction... way too many but as you can see WOII movies are my favorites =)
TV Shows BlackAdder (All four of em) "Allo Allo" (Gut Moaning) South Park The Simpsons RedvsBlue In De Gloria Alles Kan Beter
Books Don't read that much books aside from strips. Most books I have are about WOII (and my study books. There all about informatics) Oh yeah I just finished "The Bourne Identity". It's a lot different from the movie...