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31 year-old male from San Marcos, TX
Not much to say really I am what I am and that's all that I am.
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital and Photographic Imaging...that's fancy talk for photography. I've been shooting professionally since I was 19...anyway that's more than I really like to talk about myself so here's my work.


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video proofso here is the video proof...everyone tagged you have been challenged. Donate, dump a bucket of ice on your head, get tased with glitter in your hands so it goes everywhere...whatever floats your boat, just have fun with it. @legato2d @JoeFace @Evon @GB330033 @lttlecaboose @toomuchghb @swirlfire @Oddree13 @PRationality @Tuuli @Kempob @InsaneMuadib @lmcdoctor10 @aww102 @samurix7 @ytrahne @LanAnh @Mikey88 @gametavern @jfrosinski @Retalora @daprophet02 @ryman3000 @Paul @BeardOfZeus @Baricat @peej216 @Herbert @stemby @Steffie @Bloombots @ayapa @PeteG @samurairose
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