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Comments (31)

  • Thehoodedted


    2 years ago

    blow shit up
    Best. Objective. Ever. Period.

  • Killerninja1


    3 years ago

    Make a video in this game where you go blow shit up or go around hitting shit with the hammer

  • Sirius2011


    3 years ago

    One of my favorite games of all time. It left a permanent smiley11.gif mark on what i wish most games would be. Imagine if just cause 2 had the ability to destroy like in this game.

  • NikoliOrlov


    3 years ago

    Guerrilla is one of the absolute best Red Faction games ever.

  • Kr1nge


    3 years ago

    Splinter Double Agent

  • karmicguy2


    3 years ago

    fallout 3

  • steve256x


    3 years ago

    Of course you dont have the "Red Faction Member" achievement, it says to play with [color=]another[/color] player who has [color=]completed the campain[/color], when it says another this implies you have to have beaten the game yourself.

  • JFlo95


    3 years ago

    a look back at halo, any of the three from the trilogy

  • Beanzz


    3 years ago

    A look back at Kameo: Elements of Power! :D

  • birdman2732


    3 years ago

    Do saints row 1