• Halo HORSE #117

    Achievement HORSE: Halo HORSE #117

    Jack and Geoff compete in HORSE this week to celebrate Halo HORSE #117! Also, check out the new Halo HORSE Map tool over on Achievement Hunter. This will be how you will get your maps noticed and played by the boys! Http://www.achievementhunter.com/halohorsemaps

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Comments (38)

  • ccttssgdl


    2 years ago

    The bolts hot is the worst thing ever added into halo

  • TheFonz270


    2 years ago

    let's play pool? that last map is a cool idea, it's only a matter of time till snakes and ladders, then halo monopoly

  • RobbAlber


    2 years ago

    thanks for picking my map guys!! especially for episode 117!!!!

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    we need to make a betting game WITH REAL MONEY IN HORSE!

  • grimwolfe


    2 years ago

    whats trajectory have to do with pool or air hockey? I think your confusing trajectory with ricochet, something they actively use in the army, and as a fellor former army man my moneys on goeff for who knows more about trajectory.

  • joehitman77


    2 years ago

    Hey Geoff.... trajected!

  • PvtDemo


    2 years ago

    😄its horse

  • latioslatas


    2 years ago

    Sooooooooooooooooo, since they switched to horse just for a special ovation will they be switching back to pig? They really shouldn't. Also, anyone notice the id # backwards minus the first number is 117? Or is that not universal to everyone?

  • Tazimus


    2 years ago

    Wait, Geoff reads these comments? WHY THE FUCK AREN'T YOU BACK ON THE PODCAST?!?!?! Just kidding, I don't listen to those anyway.....
    On another note, great job on bringing HORSE back. Love it.

  • fighter033


    2 years ago

    yay for horse being back ^_^