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Comments (38)

  • minimooh


    2 years ago

    best episode of horse EVER maybe except the one in which burnie proclaims each round was bullshit:P

  • DarkthKnight


    2 years ago

    I can never determine if Joel is a really good actor, or is not actually acting at all... if you know what i mean. Deep inside i think that he is actually intelligent, but just has a voice that can make anything sound instantly dumb

  • Ryutsuisen


    2 years ago

    Vegas IS upset right now.

  • RomanHeretic

    RomanHeretic Needs a patch

    2 years ago

    How did Joel do that?

  • HazSkills


    2 years ago

    So I'm pretty sure Joel is mentally retarded.

  • fart282


    2 years ago


  • OmegaBlue69


    2 years ago

    So what I got from this video is Ray is a ho who spliefed in a hole after Joel friendly discharged in his face.

  • KlugeKrake


    2 years ago

    I can't view Joel as anything but Caboose...

  • Uncaused


    2 years ago

    Caboose (aka Joel) talking all smart and stuff doesnt sound right in my ears

  • blackmetalca


    2 years ago

    More gameplay videos with Joel, please!:D