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Comments (22)

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    Michael is pretty funny in the background

  • Griddler62


    2 years ago

    That joke could've worked if you left out ALL the "R"s.

  • minclassics


    2 years ago

    Go "MA_TINIZER". I guess the "R" is for the pirates. Wah Wah Wah ....

  • GabrielWiden


    2 years ago

    come on martinizer FTW!

  • rkdq94


    2 years ago

    Only one Achievement Hunter left? This is a lot like last year's tournament.

  • whatnow165


    2 years ago

    michael a sore lozer

  • LazyNinjaX

    LazyNinjaX YouTuber

    2 years ago

    So why can't anybody help me with my computer for free dog? I need my fix and this crap is shit.

  • ScoutWalker
  • GreyGhost9036

    GreyGhost9036 Angry Beaver

    2 years ago

    When ryan said please walk off. i instantly thought of wheatly from portal

  • Gamer3427

    Gamer3427 taC terceS

    2 years ago

    See, now we already know that Caleb wins the round that he and Gus play on that last map ......