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Comments (18)

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    damn michael was about to do a come back

  • Griddler62


    2 years ago

    Caleb counts as an Achievement Hunter, people! Remember... WHAT IS GAME NIGHT??

  • maxman720


    2 years ago

    Best RWBY Music Video currently on YouTube!!!!!!!

  • Aponder16


    2 years ago

    Is anybody else having issues downloading the maps?

  • EvanBinns


    2 years ago

    Well... that sucks. No more Achievement hunters in Achievement halo horse

  • TheRTV

    TheRTV Round Peg in Square Hole

    2 years ago

    Just goes to show why we love the AH guys... bc they're funny as shit, but not all that great games (with the exception of Ray who is both)

  • Darkfire180

    Darkfire180 Dislike the new site!

    2 years ago

    Wow. All of the Achievement Hunter guys are out.

  • StalidAutumn


    2 years ago


  • RomanHeretic

    RomanHeretic Needs a patch

    2 years ago

    Caleb is the only AH guy left.... wow.... GO JOEL!!!

  • MasterKeg200

    MasterKeg200 Record Smash/DragonNuro

    2 years ago

    Michael...I had money on you!