• Halo HORSE #145

    Achievement HORSE: Halo HORSE #145

    The Martinizer and Miles face off to see who will be the third place finisher of the Halo HORSE office tournament. Who do you think will pull it out? Stay tuned for a thriller!

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Comments (17)

  • Buggy52


    1 year ago

    There was a hidden easter egg on this map.... unfortunately it was never shown :(

  • Rogue9716


    1 year ago

    A scorpion tank is about 66 tons, to answer Jack's question.

  • whatnow165


    2 years ago

    use some new ones

  • 9bobby99


    2 years ago

    that one dude clearly hit in the end

  • scornn8989


    2 years ago

    at the end "RYAN and martinizer are both pigs".... I knew I recognized that voice :P

  • fansince2010

    fansince2010 NICE HAIR THOUGH

    2 years ago

    Wow. I thought Red vs Blue would be the first show from RT to have a Shaggy Dog Story, not HORSE/PIG.

  • ColdRadio


    2 years ago

    Clearly not a tie.

  • AlanWake


    2 years ago

    Nothing better than watching them play the same maps over and over and over for a solid 2 months

  • VastRex6


    2 years ago


  • WildWingZero


    2 years ago

    Wait what? It's clear who hit the mine.