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Comments (13)

  • SegralJr


    2 years ago

    Where can you download the maps they use in their videos?

  • fansince2010


    2 years ago

    No offense to AH, but this one stunk bad enough to knock the buzzards of a shit wagon.

  • downylocket1


    2 years ago

    one word.........ha

  • Jumbalofkin


    2 years ago

    I think one of the problem is, a lot of the people who used to make Halo horse maps (e.g me) moved over to trials, because the editor is roughly 9001 x better.

  • Midforge


    2 years ago

    They have plenty of maps being submitted, but the good ones keep getting downvoted for no good reason. Not much real voting for the maps going on, just upvoting your own and downvoting the rest. I hope that changes soon.

  • Cove

    Cove Dancing Shark

    2 years ago

    I'm sure they are just sick of doing the same style of map every time, not that there wasn't enough maps.

  • noobking87


    2 years ago

    I have to say, that was one of the crappiest PIGs I've seen. No offense AH, but maybe less booze, more computer time.

  • ciarzard27


    2 years ago

    Does anyone else feel like they didn't try at all and they only had three maps picked so they purposefully ended the 2nd round and bs'd the 3rd i mean the second one looked easy as fuck i mean just a couple months ago they had their first ever no win now they stop tryin so early like he was like then we used mongooses and it showed one clip of that so they couldn't have tried much besides half the time they just fucked with each other on the ramp

  • Buggy52


    2 years ago

    There are literally hundreds of maps that have been submitted.... How do you not have enough?

  • Kwazibantu


    2 years ago