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Comments (18)

  • UltraZero

    UltraZero OmniGeek

    1 year ago

    Geoff's "Harry Potter" character in the Tomb Raider match also reminds me a lot of Lester from the SNES game Lester the Unlikely.

  • PHOdell


    1 year ago

    When you can get connected and playing consistently BF4 is great. The Xbox One version in my experience has had issues managing servers and connections. It's possible that you guys may need to reset you ram(clear your cache) on Xbox One. Holding the power button for 8 seconcds, then waiting a minute before you reboot the ones using the power button. I've found that crashes to home and general issues with the game are virtually non-existent until Battlefield refills your hard-drive cache. Hope this helps. And I apologize for the long post.

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    this hunt is great

  • SUPERJOE9999


    1 year ago

    The themed HUNT is a great idea!

  • blelievre17


    1 year ago

    I know Battlefield 4 has been lackluster currently, but it has been constantly updated and Is in a playable state. Definitely better to be played on Xbox One or PC for graphics. If you want to do a public match for 64 on 64 combat. But if you want to make it easier to find on public match, but the graphics are lackluster. You can do a private match on any version, but it really is meant to be a massive battle. I play on the 360 because I can't afford a One and am not a great PC gamer, and it is a very fun game. It would be a great Let's Play, maybe get everyone including Kerry, Lindsay, or Caleb. Although it may make the game laggy.

  • MrKnives


    1 year ago

    hear that guys? he went 0-2 then 4-0.....

  • GeoffFTW123


    1 year ago

    my battlefield doesn't lag at all and the game is brilliant in my opinion much better than COD

  • Goodyear


    1 year ago

    If you want a good Battlefield 4 experience, you play it on the PC, not console. I don't know why they bother making games like it for consoles anymore.

  • CreepyStains


    1 year ago

    So they played a melee kill theme...
    and they DIDN'T play assassin's creed...

  • AB3631


    1 year ago

    Speaking as a huge battlefield fan, battlefield 4 has been is a slew of connection issues since launch. Its been the worst on the xbox one for me. Its an incredibly fun game when it works...