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Comments (21)

  • faceofwisdom


    1 year ago

    You should play super monkey ball

  • RobertMatthe


    1 year ago

    lets plays is super mario wii u and mario partys please make please please

  • gamefanatic4


    1 year ago


  • InsaneTacoz


    1 year ago

    As long as you don't monetize the videos for ad revenue, Nintendo won't bitch. So youtubers, we can now do Nintendo games for let's plays.

    I can't, cause I barely have any Nintendo games anymore. ;-;

  • jp4464


    1 year ago

    Please, let's see some more Nintendo in the future! This was a great video, and an EXCELLENT choice for HUNT.

  • ForrnnrGhost


    1 year ago

    Amazing throw-back with Mario Party 2! I only played Mario Party and never got the second one for the good ol' 64, but played the shit out of the first. Seems like a number of the better mini-games made it to 2. I am a button mashing champion because of Mario Party. Watch out Ray, I'm gunnin' for ya'!

  • Emerald_D


    1 year ago

    If you don't get Nintendoed, then can you guys please go back and play/finish New Super Mario Bros Wii U?

  • slpmjb0921


    1 year ago

    Such an awesome HUNT idea. Great episode guys!

  • LeethalArrow

    LeethalArrow Nerdy Actor

    1 year ago

    This was amazing. Mario Party 2 was definitely the best in the series. All through middle school I basically had a permanent dent in the palm of my hand because of this game.

  • MamaNealuigi


    1 year ago

    This just reminds me how Mario Party 3 is the same game but better.