• Boulder Dodge, You and Whose Army

    Achievement Hunter: Boulder Dodge, You and Whose Army

    Ray and Mike show you how to get the Boulder Dodge and You and WHose Army Achievements in NeverDead. Much like the game's protagonist, this series of video guides will never die. Just kidding, it's the last one. Or is it

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Comments (11)

  • sergeant32

    4 years ago

    purple orange BLUE

  • fame

    4 years ago


  • 0mega

    4 years ago

    even tho the reviews have been horrible for this game, i am totally buying it cuz in these videos it looks badass

  • fighter033

    4 years ago

    doesnt look too bad just cause you cant die doesnt mean its bad?

  • relix73

    4 years ago

    lol Ray, rolf :)

  • SeanSomethin

    4 years ago

    why dose everyone bitch about this its a good game it may sometimes be annoying but its still good

  • Veggieninja

    4 years ago

    I think Gameinformer gave this a 4.0! Doesn't look that bad.

  • The_Hybrid

    4 years ago

    DAMNIT Ray I was soooo close XD

  • Trioxis

    4 years ago

    lmao i want this game now

  • Zurdza

    4 years ago


  • Ray

    4 years ago