• First Contact, Lights! Camera! Action!

    Achievement Hunter: First Contact, Lights! Camera! Action!

    Ray and Michael show you how to get the First Contact and Lights! Camera! Action! Achievements in the Gangstas in Space DLC for Saints Row: The Third on the Xbox 360.

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Comments (13)

  • rhayden711

    4 years ago

    bad wolf

  • lewok

    4 years ago

    the robot is from red faction Guerrilla, the kitchen and the area around it is a replica of zimos's house and the banshee things are called aegean's.

  • bdwilson97

    4 years ago

    the robo cop robot thing is from red faction guerilla which is made by the same company.the more you know.

  • IAmTheBest10

    4 years ago

    Very nice.

  • stormshadow2

    4 years ago


  • Trioxis

    4 years ago

    pimp my gamerscore

  • Zen575

    4 years ago

    I knew the ships were based on Banshees from Halo

  • SwedishX25 So Mega. Such Rock.

    4 years ago

    I got lucky on the first contact achievement with a lucky shot.

  • MetalJaw

    4 years ago

    No they should do Lets Play on Halo:Reach

  • ThatCodyBenson

    4 years ago


  • omegacat

    4 years ago

    That video needs a fish tank under the floor boards!

  • RvBAchHunter

    4 years ago

    Me too.

  • battledude

    4 years ago

    geoff and michael need to do a lets play in this DLC when they are done with the game