• Game Night: Halo Reach - Jump Rope

    Achievement Hunter: Game Night: Halo Reach - Jump Rope

    Every few weeks, Geoff and Caleb get together with the Achievement Hunter community to play some of the coolest and most original custom maps and gametypes, in console gaming. This week, they give "jump rope" a try in Halo Reach. You can get the game type here: http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=18944563&player=Darth%20Human

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Comments (64)

  • robert121691


    3 years ago

    I need more people willing to play custom games. Everyone wants to play more matchmaking. Add me if you want to play custom games

  • GiantDragon


    3 years ago

    Did anyone notice that at the end of the video that the dead bodies jet pack in still going. LOL

  • battledude


    3 years ago

    i smell a new series coming

  • FunnyMan0413


    3 years ago

    llRebelutionll, I don't know how to join this event of epicosity, so I left my gamertag

  • Wingwolf875


    3 years ago

    How can I play with the RvB guys

  • Grold


    3 years ago

    lets play duckhunt ^^

  • akorndr2


    3 years ago

    hey friends of RVB, add me so we can all play, GT akorndr2

  • stiggy78


    3 years ago

    What game type is that, i GOT to play it look super fun!!!!!!!!

  • kyleb49


    3 years ago

    i ve played this

  • mashpit1445


    3 years ago

    my gt:maspit1445