• Game Night - Jet Ball

    Achievement Hunter: Game Night - Jet Ball

    Geoff and Caleb bring you Game Night "Jet Ball," while Gavin and Michael shout "WHAAA--T IS GAME NIGHT?" Geoff also plays the name guessing game.

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Comments (18)

  • KingRvB

    2 years ago

    @Orbaku All hail TeamFourStar and DBZ Abridged! ;)

  • VictorKruger

    2 years ago

    Did somebody say Highlander?

  • SpeciaIK

    2 years ago

    When Ryan first joined AH I wasn't convinced... then he quickly grew into one of my favourite of the AH crew. Good man.

  • Orbaku

    2 years ago

    Hey Kakarot, what's the opposite of Christopher Walken?... CHRISTOPHER REEVE!!!" *STOMP*
    "Oooow. That was in terrible taste..."
    Anybody get the reference? smiley8.gif

  • PMSCMaster

    2 years ago

    Do you play Smite? Do you like to play with other community members? If so then join the Smite Tournament on the Tournaments page on achievementhunter.com/tournaments/event.php?id=502 . We'd love to have you come play with us. Smite On!

  • CaptHambone

    2 years ago

    Who could possibly forget Christopher Lambert's epic duel to the death with Mr. Krabs?

  • BuddyLove322

    2 years ago


  • knightmawk

    2 years ago

    Clancy Brown played the Kurgen, not Rutger Hauer, for shame Geoff, for shame. Rutger Hauer was the bad guy in Blade Runner.

  • BrokenOrange

    2 years ago

    It feels like they are getting bored with Game Night, thus the minute long game of guess who Highlander is.

  • Akudi

    2 years ago

    Synchronized "What is game night?!"

  • Mortified42

    2 years ago

    Christopher Lambert!!

  • JadedFan1997

    2 years ago

    points for teamwork lol go Team Nice Dynamite!

  • Duckshot

    2 years ago

    LAMBERT! God, for a group of geeks, these guys are horribly uneducated!

  • blazerado

    2 years ago

    Longest ending ever, and which Christopher it is will never known.

  • zunderdog24

    2 years ago

    WHAAAAAAAAT IS THIIIIIIIIS..... game night before lets play.... DAMMIT

  • KniteOwls KniteOwls

    2 years ago

    "Lambert" I'm screaming at my computer. Now its a little awkward in the computer lab. smiley4.gif

  • ElAbsolado

    2 years ago

    Mr Ramsey, you are a fountain of knowledge.

  • eemelib

    2 years ago

    I see that Michael has joined in on the fun... I wonder who's the next victim of Gavin's ways.