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Comments (101)

  • Bluefire454


    4 years ago

    Greatest achievement/trophy (since I have a ps3) of all time!

  • RaMeNmOnkEY


    4 years ago

    whats with the bad 80s music?

  • ludvig218


    4 years ago

    i tried for a 25 minuts and diden't get the achivement then i di 1 roll and i got it lucky lag smiley0.gif

  • AbZ


    5 years ago

    cool vid, took me ages to get this achievement....

  • slycam47


    5 years ago

    Got on first try with limo

  • CalebMurray


    6 years ago

    thats awesome roster teeth is so awesome and red vs blue is reely funny and achivment hunter rules u guys r totally awesome

  • dean0214


    6 years ago

    thats harder than it looks

  • TedMaster


    6 years ago

    Really hard one
    still trying :(

  • Forevergamer


    6 years ago

    Wow that was my last Achievment that i needed for my old profile, and i could never get it :( but now i can sit here and say BLEEP BLOOP :)

  • Kap2310


    6 years ago

    does this have to be done in the single-player campaign, or can it be done in Free Play?