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Comments (16)

  • tokiyaensui

    2 years ago

    Nice use of Geoff's hand, Joel.

  • tigerdragon7

    3 years ago

    wow... ouch.

  • ReaperKiing

    3 years ago

    wtf did i just watch....?

  • Rem_Bruce

    3 years ago

    damn that dog needs to talk a chill pill or a chill strip. I wonder what you did joel to piss it off

  • Willahelm

    4 years ago

    I got the CLASSIFIED Navy add before this, where they bleep out a sitload of stuff, and then when the video started it beeped a few more times and threw me off.

  • bdwilson97

    4 years ago

    Oh man. if you pause the video at 1:03 it is gross.

  • NuketheJew117

    4 years ago

    man...that really hurts...and i dont blame the dog....the guys was trolling the dog!!!!

  • tylman

    4 years ago

    ouch. (1:02)

  • Dbbrian

    4 years ago

    Love his reaction

  • Raggedyman

    4 years ago

    I wanna make a joke about the dog being in the doghouse after all that, but I don't think I'm that funny

  • The_Hybrid

    4 years ago

    Ouch! that hand at the end looks painful

  • snyperx41

    4 years ago

    In the dog's defence, If someone came at me talking like that and holding a camera, I'd attack too

  • brainspawn

    4 years ago

    Tiger no! Tiger no!

  • zork65

    4 years ago

    Cinnamon No

  • KingFuzzzy

    4 years ago

    Because they wish to mess with us.

  • RasenShot

    4 years ago

    why is this in Facebook and not here yet? lol