• Mine Effect - Mass Effect Mash-Up

    Achievement Hunter: Mine Effect - Mass Effect Mash-Up

    Geoff and Brandon explore and compare Mass Effect and the Minecraft Mars Map on Minecraft for Xbox 360.

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Comments (45)

  • squidgeart

    squidgeart FreshMilk

    2 years ago

    I believe its officially called STI nowadays, because they are infections, not diseases, and therefore can be treated. I did used to work at a govt health agency.

  • Tareei


    2 years ago

    Yay Fragger!

  • jgman179


    2 years ago

    Holy shit it's Fragger.

  • Steelerfan65


    2 years ago

    Why did he introduce himself as Brandon? Isn't that Fragger? I guess that could be his real name but...

  • TigressInfer


    2 years ago

    STI's are ones that goes away over time like a Gonorrhea and Syphilis. STD's are ones that never go away like HIV.

  • Jeremyleo


    2 years ago

    Does Subaru make those Sexually Transmitted Infections?

  • Gamer3427

    Gamer3427 taC terceS

    2 years ago

    Gavin's dick strikes again.......

  • NedBukarica


    2 years ago

    I cant believe Geoff forgot about Gav's Hepatits G

  • PhilB


    2 years ago

    wow. sucks to be Gav right now.

  • Silvador


    2 years ago

    3:37. My Hax sense is tingling.