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Comments (29)



    5 years ago

    hey could u do more videos for darksiders plz Geoff and Gus that would make my day if u did

  • features11


    5 years ago

    thats quite easy...i thought it would be hard

  • penpenz7x


    5 years ago

    thank you so much i was searching everywhere for a car and a helicopter on the same area

  • SamuelDamien


    5 years ago

    You can switch in and out of chais form "demon form" by holding LB and pressing RT

  • Tallness4to0


    5 years ago

    I maybe the only one who couldn't figur this out. So I'll tell everone real quick. Click in the right stick to aim. With out it u can't aim at the chopper.

  • KSal


    5 years ago

    In reply to piro478, #23:

    you just owned Gus there... *Achievement Unlocked: Gus owner 15G*

  • piro478


    5 years ago

    hey i saw some one change back from deamon form i thought u said u cant i saw it on

  • KSal


    5 years ago

    In reply to cabooselight, #18:

    But thats after the apocalypse...right now you are on the apocalypse and you are a full horseman get the point...

    Im still wondering what the hell does that helicopter did to get attacked by a flying car from the so supposed "neutral party" (horsemen....)

  • simoraj


    5 years ago

    do dis hom page cost????

  • Artnivek


    5 years ago

    It would have sucked if that was dead dude's car, but it wouldn't make sense for him to be running rather than driving away from fire, hell, and death.

    Then again, we do live in America...