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Comments (173)

  • agent_york


    1 year ago

    RIP Goeff's Dog

  • orangefergus


    1 year ago

    I guess this is the dog Geoff was talking about in the latest Minecraft. This is sad now smiley2.gif

  • BigBird1618


    1 year ago

    Anyone else come to this video because of Geoff's House Let's Play?

  • pellos999


    3 years ago

    very hard achievment

  • 0DrunkHippo0


    4 years ago

    not a waste of time

  • Animorphikus


    6 years ago

    Does anyone know what type of dog that is? He is so sweet and huge!

  • James

    James NWETS

    6 years ago

    Now if only my parrot would stop trash-talking over Xbox Live and actually play the game...

  • djsima25


    6 years ago

    there's a way not to get that achievement, one of my friends, instead of clicking start, he clicked 'A' button, lol.

    ,and i never say lol.

  • nick53182


    6 years ago

    Haha. Awesome! Now... to train him to play grifball...

  • Raziki


    6 years ago

    Volume 2: Prince of Persia Into the Storm....

    Too fucking easy